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    Reducing your costs. So you can increase your profit.

    Looking to reduce card payment, energy and telecommunication costs for Businesses in the South East.

    BSS Kent is here to help you reduce the costs of all your core business services for businesses like yours in Kent and East Sussex. We help everyone from start-ups to established businesses with multiple outlets. No matter where you are on your business journey we’re here to listen to your needs and provide cost-effective consultative solutions.

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    Saving you time, money and vital business resources.

    There are three main costs that every business has to tackle at some stage - Card Payment Fees, Energy Costs & Phone and Broadband. These essential costs are what BSS Kent can take care of for you, ensuring you have the extra time to grow your business. BSS Kent will spend the time ensuring your renewals are in line with the current market prices, and always making sure your bottom line comes first.

    On average BSS Kent finds our clients significant savings of between 30% and 80%, and we’re offering you a FREE review across these services to see how much your business could be saving right now.


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    Frequently Asked.

    Yes, Of course. This is a numbers game, after looking at your current merchant services statement and thoroughly analysing it, knowing how different acquiring banks work, we could potentially reduce you bill by £200 a month. In most cases the savings would outweigh any early termination fees.

    Most definitely. For a smaller amount like this I would suggest Business Cash Advance. If your current monthly card payments turnover is around £15k or above, then we can have the funds in your account within 3 days. No fixed monthly repayments, these are automatically deducted from sales taken from the card terminal, daily. So you don’t even feel it!

    Well, you may or may not know this, but if you are within 12 months from your current contract end date, you are eligible to get prices locked in and secured now for your future contract. This means we can help you get prices from all suppliers now, to secure the rates for your next contract which begins in 10 Months automatically. That’s what we do.

    There a lots of things wrong here. Firstly being an old card terminal it most likely doesn’t accept contactless payments up to £45 which is mandatory now. Secondly, having a card machine plugged into a dedicated phone line is a very old method of connectivity, you are paying around £400 a year just for this phone line where our modern machines can connect via Wifi or Ethernet cable. A transaction being processed through a phone line takes around 17 seconds, whereas through internet takes about 4 seconds.


    Expertly guiding the solutions suitable for you.

    BSS Kent has gained years of experience in Merchant Services and working with a well known High Street bank allows us to offer the lowest rates in the industry along with much faster settlement times. We’re proud to say that customers can receive their funds 1 hour after the transaction is processed if needed.

    We can help with all types of payment processing and advise on the best options available for your business’s individual needs. From Face to Face through a Card Terminal, over the phone through a Virtual Terminal and e-commerce, payments processed through your website.

    BSS Kent work with all sorts of industries, from Hospitality (Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Takeaways), to Retail, to Services (Car Dealers, Estate Agents, Theme Parks). Essentially, if you require your customers or clients to use a Card Payment, then we can help you save money.

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    what people say


    14 April, 2018
    Fine Foods & Restaurant Owner, Kent

    We needed our funds to be in our account a lot faster than 3 to 4 days. We reached out to BSS Kent, they reviewed everything and somehow saved us 60% on our transaction charges compared to First Data with Barclaycard. We now receive our funds Same Day!

    14 April, 2018
    Hotel Owner, Rye

    They helped us secure a good deal for our Hotel in Rye, looked at all utility bills and we switched it all over including our Credit Card machine from Global Payments to Barclaycard, especially at a time when prices are quite volatile they saved us a rather significant amount.

    22 June, 2018
    Restaurant, Kent

    We sent over our current Merchant Statement with Worldpay, within 24 hours we received a very detailed comparison in a PDF file highlighting around £300 per month in savings. Of course we switched to Barclaycard for our payment processing, Tejas came and set everything up.

    18 May, 2018
    Car Garage, Kent

    Tejas came to see us to review our card charges for our Car Servicing Garage, within 30 minutes he had highlighted 40% reduction in charges along with showing us some charges we were unaware of.

    29 April, 2018
    Restaurant Owner, Ashford Area

    BSS Kent saved us around £3000 per month across our 5 restaurants located in Kent. Very professional and easy to talk to.

    14 April, 2018
    Hair Salon, Canterbury

    I had just taken on a new premises to open my long awaited Hair Salon, Tejas popped in and sorted all of our services out, sorted out the change of Tenancy with the energy suppliers and got us in to a fixed price contract, arranged to have a new phone line installed with Fibre Broadband, and setup our card machine to accept payments.


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