Are you currently paying more than £28 for your Phone and Broadband?

At BSS Kent we’ve found that the average client we speak to is overspending on their telecoms by at least 30-50%, with that figure rising as high as 80% in some extreme cases. With market prices continuing to fall in recent years, many businesses are guilty of not reviewing their current expenditure. Many are still renewing on outdated tariffs that are far more expensive than they need to be. This is where BSS Kent’s years of experience can help you and your business.

We supply businesses of all sizes, fixed landlines and broadband (ADSL or Fibre).


  • £13.95 – Line Rental
  • £14.99 – Unlimited Broadband (up to 17Mbps)
  • £24.99 – Fibre Broadband (up to 76Mbps)

We can help with:

Fixed Line Telephony, Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions, Broadband (ADSL, Fibre), Cloud-based telephone systems, Mobile Voice and Data.

We can perform a check on your existing line to see if Fibre is available and if so what maximum speed is achievable.

Why switch your Phone and Broadband with BSS Kent?

  • Savings on both phone and broadband
  • Openreach Level 1 Network Provision
  • Simple switch, which is all done back end so no disruption for your business
  • We can also offer up to £200 towards any cancellation fees

BSS Kent can also help businesses set up wireless access points across your business, so customers that may be connecting to your WiFi will be able to achieve good connection with maximised bandwidth throughout their experience.


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