Are you looking for a flexible finance solution for your business?

BSS Kent works directly with an FCA regulated company, which gives us access to a panel of lenders allowing us to find a solution to fulfil any business’s financial needs.

We have helped hundreds of business owners across the South East of England like you, to raise funds ranging from £3000 to £3m. Allowing you to deal with a small cash flow issue, to buy more stock, start a refurbishment, start that business expansion for your new premises, buy new equipment, or just allow more working capital… BSS Kent can help you reach your goals.

Get in touch to book a consultation, and BSS Kent will work out the best way to help you raise your funds.


  • Business Cash Advance – If your business takes card payments and needs a cash flow boost, then this is the perfect solution. It works like a business loan but with flexible repayments that are deducted from your card payments revenue, instead of fixed monthly repayments.
  • Cash Flow Finance – Hassle-free, unsecured Commercial Loan of up to £200,000. If your business needs a cash flow boost then this could be a great product for you, whether you’re looking to expand your premises or workforce, take your company to the next level or just fill a cashflow gap.
  • Property Finance – Is exactly what it sounds like: A secured Business Loan that uses a residential property, Commercial property, or property portfolio as collateral, allowing your business to borrow what it needs when it needs it – at competitive rates.

Asset Based Lending

  • Invoice Finance – Allows businesses to have access to their outstanding funds immediately, rather than waiting for their customers to pay their invoice, which can generally be the company’s biggest assets, Cash is then available as soon as invoices are raised to be reinvested or used to run the business. £100k to £5m.
  • Asset Based Lending – This enables a business to obtain funding against all assets on their balance sheet, including invoices, plant, machinery, stock and property. These can be used to release equity tied-up existing owned assets so the funding can be reinvested or used for other things.
  • Construction Finance – Provides businesses with a confidential pre-agreed funding line, against their uncertified applications, stage payments or project milestones.
  • Education Finance – Whether its Higher Education, Further Education, Apprenticeship Provision, Early Years or Education Service, we are able to provide a range of solutions to manage your funding needs.


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