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Yes, of course. This is a numbers game, after looking at your current merchant services statement and thoroughly analysing it, knowing how different acquiring banks work, we could potentially reduce you bill by £200 a month. In most cases the savings would outweigh any early termination fees.

Most definitely. For a smaller amount like this I would suggest Business Cash Advance. If your current monthly card payments turnover is around £15k or above, then we can have the funds in your account within 3 days. No fixed monthly repayments, these are automatically deducted from sales taken from the card terminal, daily. So you don’t even feel it!

Well, you may or may not know this, but if you are within 12 months from your current contract end date, you are eligible to get prices locked in and secured now for your future contract. This means we can help you get prices from all suppliers now, to secure the rates for your next contract which begins in 10 Months automatically. That’s what we do.

We can perform a line check remotely and see what service we can offer. The best option would be 1 fixed line at £13.95 p/m and Fibre at £24.99, total under £40 per month. The switch is all done back end, you will receive a new router to plug in once its live. If needed, we can also offer £200 for any early termination charges that your current provider may be looking to charge you. Get in touch.

There a lots of things wrong here. Firstly being an old card terminal it most likely doesn’t accept contactless payments up to £45 which is mandatory now. Secondly, having a card machine plugged into a dedicated phone line is a very old method of connectivity, you are paying around £400 a year just for this phone line where our modern machines can connect via Wifi or Ethernet cable. A transaction being processed through a phone line takes around 17 seconds, whereas through internet takes about 4 seconds.

If your business isn’t planning on doing any face to face transactions then you won’t need a physical card terminal. I would suggest a Virtual Terminal, which is designed specifically for taking payments over the phone, through an online web based portal, as long as you have an internet connection you can process a payment on any device.

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